Experiences of participants

“I want to thank you for the special lesson last night! What a warm, personal way of teaching and how wonderful that my husband is now passed the tango threshold and wants to learn to contact in this way with me. Jillis also has such great energy and is an asset to the lesson. ”
M. Pieters

“I have really enjoyed your workshop: wow! I can now feel how nice it can be to be so close to myself, without judgement … What a relief. Thanks !! ”
R. van Kesteren

“Thanks again for the wonderful, instructive days. It feels like everything has been downloaded, a kind of gift that I will continue to unpack in the near future. I’m curious!

As a psychiatrist I am mainly trained in “talking and pills”. Unfortunately, there is less and less room for non-verbal therapy in many treatment protocols. But after this week tango therapy my conclusion is: stop talking and pills, start dancing …

Moving Into Unity, abbreviated MIU, sounds like Am I You … What a beautiful, meaningful name. Returning to Common Ground.

Thinking about this and how we all mirror, and absorb, and feel within ourselves, it reminds me of some Shamanic traditions that experience a lifetime as a man as well as a woman; Only after both experiences are we a complete person.

It was great for me to step into the role of the leader for a week. And also nice to sometimes just be a follower (delicious, a breath of fresh air).

Now, a week and a half later, me and my horse are doing really well, clearly a leap forward! Thanks to everything I have learned from you, my intention, my verbal and non-verbal communication are better attuned to each other, and that makes me much clearer and more effective. And not just with horses.

Finally, I thoroughly enjoyed the way you gave the training. In balance, leading and following, involved and with suitable distance. “
I. Klijntunte

“Today I had a wonderful day at Common Ground where we were taught the method of moving into unity or MIU – a movement theory derived from the tango, the tao and white tantra – we became more aware of how we connect with ourselves and how we to connect with the other, the dance and the life.
Very honest, insightful and deepening.
We have worked with the male and female energy, your pure essence, your intention, your heart as compass (compassion), the expansion, the response (responsibility), and of course the breathing and movement. immensely beautiful and valuable.
Thank you Lizelot De Stigter and Jillis de Winter “
D. Meeder

“Lizelot De Stigter, our life teacher, breathes the tango from the inside, she brings healing where I did not know I needed it.

Pure, in connection to my deepest cell.
I meet the woman I want to meet.
In myself.
And in Joost.
In the dance of life.
With what is.

I lend Lizelot her lips when she explains something.
Never before have I learned universal life lessons so tangibly through my body.
I slurped up her discovered life lessons about female and male energies.

We surprise ourselves with a new tango pouch. “
S. Zwijnenburg

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