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Healing Tango is the Art of Moving into Unity

Tango as a practical path for Spiritual embodiment.
The dancefloor as a laboratory for Transformation.
A way for finding inner and outer leadership, and restoring the balance between Masculine and Feminine Principles within ourselves, and in relating on all levels.

Being Present in the Heart of the Experience…


Lizelot de Stigter

Lizelot de Stigter, dancer, teacher Argentinian Tango, and mystic, discovered Rumi at the age of 14 who inspired her on the path of Unity, Truth, and Love.

In her search for balancing the inner reality of the deep knowing of our pure Being with the body-mind and the world, she discovered the very same universal principles as described in the old (Tantric and Vedantic) Yoga traditions. From these insights she created unique movement meditations for the purpose of (re-)aligning the body-mind with our Essence. The simple movements are like a sacred dance washing away old patterns and conditioning stored in the body, making the body more and more transparent and free.

The movements purify and align our vertical axis, which represents the “I Am” , and bring balance in the relative domain represented in the horizontal plane where we relate and come into expression in the world. The more our body is aligned in the vertical axis, the more clarity occurs around us.

read more: interview 2013 with Lizelot

Jillis de Winter
Healing Tango Teacher

Manages the biodynamic farm ‘Blisveld’ with which he stimulates growth and flowering on all fronts, both in connection with nature and the earth, as well as in bringing people together.

For the past 2 years he has been using the Tango as a guide for the further embodiment and realization of his vision. Since 2017 Jillis and Lizelot  have formed a dance couple in which they celebrate their love for each other and life, by sharing Healing Tango and teaching Tango. He embodies both the pure masculine aspect and the very feminine receptive side and shows how both complement and reinforce each other, within ourselves, in the interaction with others, and in life.

Gonneke de Haan
Healing Tango Co-trainer

Gonneke works in psychosocial palliative care and accompanies families and families of which someone is incurably ill. In addition, she provides training in healthcare, such as MBCT, ACDLT, dying guidance and ‘dealing with anxiety and panic’. In these trainings she focuses on awareness, attention and connection.
She lives in Wageningen, is also a portrait painter and gives weekend painting lessons from her studio. This combination feeds her. Being busy with expression, aesthetics and the joy of creating, together with the deep encounters, the great questions of life and the confrontation with the vulnerability of our existence.
Gonneke: “I like working on the essence of life, experiencing the depth.”
In 2015 she came through one of her hobbies: ‘tango’ in contact with the work of Lizelot. Gonneke: “What Lizelot has developed and the way she teaches, resonates enormously with how I experience tango and with the potential for deep encounter and healing that I see in it. That is why I went to follow her training in 2016. I am very happy with the wonderful encounters in the exercises and the experiences of unity / solidarity. “
Since 2016 Gonneke has assisted and taught MIU / Healing Tango workshops together with Lizelot, Jillis and a few others. She also weaves elements of Healing Tango into the personal guidance of people and in her care training.


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